“Easy” by Real Estate // Days (2011)

Most of my most anticipated albums of the year have come and gone, but Real Estate’s October 18th release of Days is still on the horizon and every new taste makes me more and more excited. The breezy jangle pop feel has a melancholic edge that makes it prime material for this time of year. I’m pretty much hooked on this jam today. Highest Recommendation.

Oh, loving this.

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Wavves, I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl

Well this is pretty damn rad.  Wavves has been the special gig as the guest composer for MTV’s new show “I Just Want My Pants Back”. The pilot episode is on after the VMA’s and it’s getting great reviews.  It’s all about 20-something Brooklynites.  I’m so in.  And the first ep will debut a brand new Wavves song “I Wanna Meet Dave Grohl” which is so damn delightful.  You can even download this great new track HERE!  

I wanna meet Dave Grohl.  I wanna be Dave Grohl.

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Pterodactyl, “School Glue”

Definitely digging this new track from Brooklyn spaz-outfit Pterodactyl. The mix of rapid-fire drum fills, ear worm-y vocal harmonies and bright, fluorescent noise fixtures is enough to jolt anyone out of a mid-week funk. Stream up above and check out the whole album out—Spills Out—out on Brah in November.