Skilled Labor Presents: Unemployment Benefits #2

Happy Tuesday everybody! We decided to whip up a little mix of our favorite stuff as of late. Click HERE to download via. Mediafire, and check out the track list below!

To preserve track order make a new playlist and drag the folder right into your music player of choice.

1) Big Troubles - Sad Girls

2) TV Girl - Your Own Religion

3) Gauntlet Hair - Top Bunk

4) Maria Minerva - Strange Things are Happening in My Room

5) Lana Del Rey - Diet Mtn Dew

6) The Weeknd - The Zone

7) CANT - Believe

8) U.S. Girls - Untie Me

9) ABADABAD - Ashley

10) Vacation - Deep Like the Ocean

11) Cass McCombs - The Same Thing

12) Widowspeak - Fir Coat

13) The Horrors - I Can See Through You

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