I was at this show! I still kind of wish “Phantom” ended up on the album.


Big Troubles performs “Phantom” at Glasslands Gallery, Brooklyn

Here is the B-side to Big Troubles’ “Misery” single. The full length release “Romantic Comedy”, out on Slumberland on 9/27/11, is so chock o’ block with great songs that it overflows with an excellent track like this one. Enjoy.



stream: Youth Lagoon - The Year of Hibernation


The Year of Hibernation tells the story of a young man and his fears, problems and emotions. Youth Lagoon recorded the LP in his bedroom yet it speaks to the world thanks to its fragile topics and beauty. Out on September 27, but you won’t have to wait another week to let The Year of Hibernation blow your mind as you can stream it in its entirity above.

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YOMAHA - “Bob Dylan in the 80’s”

I’m quiiite pleased to introduce y’all to the super-solid-goodness of YOMAHA, a debut project from Alaskan-turned-Boston-dweller/ABADABAD drummer/real rad fella, Josh Northcutt. Rumor has it he shall be releasing an EP of this american folk excellence sometime in the colder months ahead…& until then, we shall wait impatiently. NO PRESSURE, JOSH. Three cheers to Josh for choosing SoundCloud over Myspace, follow it HERE.

This is absolutely awesome.

PS. I know Skilled Labor has been a blog full of afternoon reblogs lately. Work has been nuts.